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Riveting, emotional and powerful are all words that I would use to describe this book. The author was able to touch on the reality of bullying while providing compassion with perspective and understanding. I would thoroughly recommend that this book be used within the school systems along with in a tutor and/or support setting. Bullying is a serious problem within the schools and should be implemented within the curriculum. I will definitely incorporate this book into my client sessions to teach perspective taking.
Fabulous read for leisure and enjoyment as well!
Chantal BEd, MSc ABA

Very good book! It had a great message! Loved the slogan at the end. I enjoyed how it had perspectives from many different people, so you never felt torn between characters. You felt a part of most of them.    – Marisa

I really enjoyed this book and ended up reading it in one sitting. There were a few unexpected turns that easily moved the book along. Written from multiple viewpoints, this book gives a perspective into bullying that was unique. The characters are well written and easy to identify with.  – Carmen

I really enjoyed this book! The concept was important, and beautifully revealed. The characters came to life, with just enough detail to make them real – I have to admit I teared up in the hospital scene after the car accident. I particularly liked the portrayal of Gregory and his dad, where events showed that even the bullied can be bullies, even people tasked with ‘blocking’ bullying might miss things. The undercurrent of compassion throughout the book was a lovely thing, and I’m sure Kevin’s life lessons through years of teaching contributed richly to this.       -Ann

Great read!  I found this book surprisingly very good. The author obviously knew the subject of bullying from a personal place. The story was intriguing and I did not want to put the book down. It made me laugh and cry which in my opinion is a successful and good book. I know it was written for young adults but this 51 year old enjoyed it very much. Worth a read!           -Jo-Anne

As a teacher, this is one of my favourite books on the topic of bullying. It allows you to see it from the multiple perspectives and reminds you that people have much more going on in their lives than a person sees. I would highly recommend this book to my friends, family, and colleagues. It would make a great film!  – Meghan

As a teacher, this book was an excellent read and is one I think could be used as a novel in schools to highlight the effects, causes of and possible solutions to bullying. It is a captivating story with strongly developed characters that really hits home. I would recommend it to anyone.  -Emily, a teacher in Dublin, Ireland

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